What lemon yellow do you mean anyway?

"The yellow has to be warmer" — "No, it's supposed to look like this lemon." — "But that's greenish...".
The new caddon technology puts these time-consuming and annoying discussions, to an end.


With it you can quickly and efficiently conduct sampling processes with your partners and clients worldwide based on
digital, multi-spectral datasets via internet and phone. Because color:communication brings together the visual impression with exact measurements — pixel by pixel — no matter whether structured, patterned or curved materials.
This worldwide unique technology thus for the first time makes colour effects objective and clearly differs from classic colour management.




1 can:scan


Multispectral color-measurement for:

1. Pigment-formulation systems
- spectral readings even from complex patterned samples for  dyeing and spot color formulation

2. ICC-profiling for digital printers
- even complex substrates that cannot be measured with X/y-spectrophotometer-tables

3. Digitizing customer samples

4. Generating color accurate digital samples
- as digital color reference for online color-assessments
- as digital color reference for color retouchment of studio shots
- as digital color reference for CGI-applications

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Standard-Lightbox with built in Monitor for:

1. True color display of multispectral images

2. Lightbox for standard lightning such as D50, D65, A, TL84 etc. ...

3. Digital remote visual and metrological color assessments
- color distance reports: reference to reproduction

4. Side-by-side comparing physical and digital multispectral sample
- physical sample in standard lightning vs. depiction on monitor

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3 can:colorize



Spectral coloring system for digital weave-simulations:

1. Enables digital sample communication of weave-dessins
- provides color accurate digital samples for fast remote assessments between weaving mill and customers

2. links available production color standards to digital processes
- imports QTX or CXF and other spectral data for coloring
- coloring of textures using any spectral measurement value

3. Color accurate coloring of cirtual fabric-textures for quality-control
- provides all available spectral yarn color standards to a digital weave dessin for all possible color combinations
- reduces iterative assessments between to a minimum

4. Provides spectral textures for CGI and 3D applications
- first system worldwide for creating spectral textures and weave simulations in Iray4Maya
- no color-readjustments for changed light-conditions in a scene required
- exports textures to required color space such as Lab, AdobeRGB, sRGB, P3-RGB



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Spectral database for

1. Hosting of color standards
- incl. source multispectral images as a legend
- Provision of measurement data from different measurement systems for a color standard

2. Digital color search and comparison to color standards
- Production standard and customer samples online and remotely
- Color distance between pigment formulation / digital Printers color space and customer samples online and remotley

3. Digital online color-communciation
- Customers search next available matching color standard to customer colors via online-client

4. Generating digital colorbooks from spectral color pallets
- ACO/ACB for Adobe- and other applications, as well as for colorizing digital textures for CGI.



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