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The software can:connect controls the components can:scan and can:view and allows the user to evaluate and compare multi-spectral datasets and to create measurement protocols.

It presents the spectral information for each pixel of the measured surface. This allows the easy detection of such issues as whether objects appear to match in colour under changing light conditions, i.e. metamerism.

Spot metameric effects even on your monitor

The software can:connect analyses the spectra measured in the can:scan and outputs them as LAB values to each monitor. And since the human eye perceives colours differently depending on the particular lighting situation, in its calculations can:connect also takes into account the effect of residual ambient light to which the monitor is exposed at the location of the can:view.
At the same time, the software also visualises the so-called metameric effects. This way the viewer can immediately distinguish whether two colour tones that look the same under a standard light type differ under a different light type. can:connect is thus able to present the multi-spectral images in an optimal manner — namely, with the spectral information for each pixel of the measured surface. The multi-spectral image data can also be used at any time to reproduce the metameric behaviour of the object being measured under different light sources.
In the PDF file we have provided you with all the facts, technical information and further details.

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