Defines colours

can:scan, the multi-spectral imaging system, is the core of caddon colorimetry. From physical master samples, true-colour digital samples are defined.

With 16 filters, 16 individual images are created. At the same time, each filter allows only a specific wavelength of light reflected from the object to pass through. Through these 16 individual images, the energy of all reflected wavelengths of light can be accurately determined, thus precisely calculating the colour value, pixel by pixel. The result is an absolutely true-colour digital sample.

The caddon can:scan

Non-contact measurement

can:scan works differently than other spectrophotometers — completely free of contact. The great advantage: The colours of structured surfaces aren't distorted as with a conventional spectrophotometer, for instance, when pressing the lens onto a deep-pile fabric. In other words: With the can:scan, you can sample what you want — furs, fabrics, woods and even fluids.
In the PDF file we have provided you with all the facts, technical information and further details.

Fabric samples in the can:scan

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