Monitor system for colour checking

The second essential component of our solution for digital colour communication is the can:view soft-proofing system.

It is almost impossible to reliably assess colours on a traditional monitor. Because even if the monitor is perfectly calibrated, the ambient light and colours affect the viewer's perception. On the can:view that doesn't matter, because the environmental influences can be eliminated with a hand movement. Pre-printing data are thus displayed for viewing under optimally controlled conditions — particularly the multi-spectral samples that are created with the can:scan are depicted by the can:view system in unmatched quality. can:view is the world's only system that can process not only the traditional data for pre-printing but also multi-spectral data. This makes caddon's sampling workstation the best prerequisite for fixed control and proof processes in the printing industry.

Wood sample under D50

Colour checking directly on the screen

The viewer can also place the reference object directly on the screen of the can:view and compare it with the digital sample. With conventional monitors that is not possible, as the colour effect is influenced by light and shadow.
Not only in standard light does the can:view display digital samples in a true-to-colour manner. Using the software can:connect, different types of light can be simulated in the system. Thus, the viewer can see at a glance how a colour looks for instance in the office of the designer, in the production hall or in the neon lights of the shop.
In the PDF here, you can read more about the advantages of the can:view as a soft-proof workspace and as a standard light viewer for multi-spectral files.

Wood sample under UL3000

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