What lemon yellow do you mean anyway?

"The yellow has to be warmer" — "No, it's supposed to look like this lemon." — "But that's greenish...".
The new caddon technology puts these time-consuming and annoying discussions, to an end.

With it you can quickly and efficiently conduct sampling processes with your partners and clients worldwide based on digital, multi-spectral datasets via internet and phone. Because color:communication brings together the visual impression with exact measurements — pixel by pixel — no matter whether structured, patterned or curved materials. This worldwide unique technology thus for the first time makes colour effects objective and clearly differs from classic colour management.

The scanning device can:scan produces photos in which each pixel is a spectral measurement value.

How is color:communication different from traditional colour management?

In colour management, the individual "spot colours" or process colours are measured, profiled and reproduced. The values thus refer to uni reference colours. If the reference colour guides are correct on the corresponding document or object, it is assumed that the specifications will be correctly reproduced. This workflow is commonly referred to as colour management. color:communication, however, is an imaging measurement method caddon has developed which in particular allows the precise measurement of colour patterned and textured surfaces. The system for multi-spectral colour communication from caddon also consists of four independently usable modules. This innovative and worldwide unique solution is the result of long, practical research by caddon, which has also incorporated the over 15 years experience of RWTH Aachen, one of the most prestigious higher institutions for technology in Germany.


The viewer can:view displays them optimally under the desired lighting conditions.

The software can:connect uses the spectra of the individual pixels of a multi-spectral file to calculate the correct colour values ​​for display on monitors or printers.

The Photoshop plug-in can:change permits the simple transfer of calculated colour values to the image files that are to be retouched.

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