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A layout is designed on the screen and the colours are harmonious there, but look totally different on the monitors of your colleagues or partners. And the print quality also differs from the original motif. Not with color:communication: With the secured workflow of the new technology, colours are processed and reproduced in a consistently correct manner, whether for offset or digital printing.
Because color:communication overcomes the usual limitations that arise when images are reproduced in print. For the exact reproduction of images in print, the colour representation must be described, i.e. profiled, for all equipment used. The intersection of the profiles of all devices involved indicates the size of the available process colour space (gamut). But there is a catch: Due to the separate processes of visual assessment and measurement findings, irresolvable constraints arise.

Visual impression vs. technical measurement

The spectrophotometers normally used in the industry only allow measurements of single-colour, relatively large-area surfaces. Colour patterned prints can therefore not be measured in the print motif, but instead the process and reference colours have to be lined up in a fan. And since the correctly printed process colours mutually affect each other in the print design, the visual impression and measurement findings are often contradictory. color:communication optimises the procedure. Through the multi-spectral technology from caddon, measurement findings and visually accurate representation are united in a reliable manner and available in one dataset. This eliminates the printing and posting of a physical inkjet print as a "proof", as long as the viewer device can:view, which is an important part of color:communication, is used by all parties.
And since generally there is absolutely no proof print available in digital printing or it is created outside of the production workflow, this makes it especially worthwhile to use a can:view at the production location. This allows many problems to be overcome in advance. Because the can:view has a big advantage: The sampling workstation from caddon blocks out environmental influences that cause different perceptions. At the same time it allows direct placement of prints with technical measurement, using a media wedge to confirm correct on-screen display. can:view thus offers the best conditions for fixed soft-proofing processes in the printing industry.
You have doubts? With our "Demoliner we show you on the spot that it works.

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