Brilliant Color Measurement and Competent Print Management

caddon printing & imaging GmbH is a specialized manufacturer and service provider for digital, large-format printing and color management. From the system-controlled monitoring of the printer fleet to the calibration of monitors and printers through to innovative multispectral color measurement, caddon offers clients custom-made software and hardware solutions plus independent advice on the newest color and print management technologies.
Since 2008, caddon has held the patent for a new form of color measurement with which it now manufactures products that are revolutionizing color recognition. Companies from a wide range of industries, including BMW, TAKKO fashion and many others, have relied on caddon’s expertise for years. caddon is based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, a town in southwestern Germany.

Unmatched, the multispectral color measurement scan of the Aachen-based subsidiary caddon color technology GmbH enables for the first time the color definition of complex colors and structures in less than one minute. Such technology is unavailable anywhere else in the world. Wherever the quality of production processes demands the most exact rendering of colors possible, manufacturers now rely on this new method to measure color.
The new technology is being applied in the textile, furniture and packaging industries, as well as in automotive design, pre-press and hand craftsmanship. Instead of sending physical samples of an original, such as a piece of wood or a jacket, to suppliers around the globe, manufacturers can now send a digital example of a color type — fast and precisely matching the color needed.
Established in 1988 by Michael Nothelfer, caddon began as a provider of printers from reputable manufacturers. It has since developed into a full-service provider and manufacturer of multispectral measuring technology. With the acquisition in 2007 of the Aachen-based firm Color AIXperts GmbH (today known as caddon color technology GmbH), caddon expanded its range of services in the field of multispectral technology. The company aims to continue its growth over the coming years.
Company Profile Taken together, the parent company and its subsidiary are still a relatively small business.
Yet caddon is capable of measuring and digitalizing surfaces that its large competitors cannot. Working closely with scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation, caddon's experts continue to develop their innovative products, from basic functional models to devices ready to go into production. The revolutionary new technology has the potential to establish itself as a global standard for color measurement.

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