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Our new development: can:spectralize


caddon can:spectralize requires for automatic correction of images & textures:
1. multispectral reference image of can:scan
2. scanned image or texture data of an RGB scanner (e.g. Metis Superscan data)

With caddon can:spectralize, RGB image and texture scans can be automatically spectrally colour corrected with the multispectral reference values of the images of the physical reference without the need for masking or colour separation, etc. This is also possible with a high proportion of halftones in the decors.
Such "multispectral coloured images and textures" are automatically coloured into the RGB colours for various standard lighting conditions of the required target colour space in a single process step in seconds.
In 80 to 90% of all cases, no further manual correction step is required; the renderings of these images and textures are then almost identical to the original multispectral reference.



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DTB Anniversary

caddon will be demonstrating in a showcase on May 25 and 26 at the DTB Anniversary how color digitization of color standards efficiently goes hand in hand with the creation of color-correct textures for your 3D visualization.

The event will take place at Sigmaringen University.

Details you can find here.

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Vizoo xTex & colorUNIT: Get your textures color correct!

We would like to introduce the new xTex plugin: colourUNIT - a partner product of Vizoo & caddon

The colorUNIT option brings color depth and contrast to your scanned textures, reducing necessary rework to a minimum.

Take advantage of a no-obligation test and order your test version right now at
You will receive the colorUNIT for two weeks free of charge for testing. After the test period, you can purchase or return the annual software licence.

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Triple Tree is official caddon distributor in Pakistan

We are pleased to announce that our valued partner Triple Tree in Lahore, Pakistan has taken over as the official distributor of caddon systems in Pakistan.

This follows a long term partnership with Triple Tree.
Triple Tree deals with digital supply chain solutions for the textile, apparel and non-apparel industries
Triple Tree also develops its own supply chain solutions for the textile, apparel and non-apparel industries. The products improve textile supply chain visibility, help stakeholders ensure product quality, and provide actionable data and insights to optimize processes and workflows.

More about Triple Tree

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