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Our new development: can:spectralize


caddon can:spectralize requires for automatic correction of images & textures:
1. multispectral reference image of can:scan
2. scanned image or texture data of an RGB scanner (e.g. Metis Superscan data)

With caddon can:spectralize, RGB image and texture scans can be automatically spectrally colour corrected with the multispectral reference values of the images of the physical reference without the need for masking or colour separation, etc. This is also possible with a high proportion of halftones in the decors.
Such "multispectral coloured images and textures" are automatically coloured into the RGB colours for various standard lighting conditions of the required target colour space in a single process step in seconds.
In 80 to 90% of all cases, no further manual correction step is required; the renderings of these images and textures are then almost identical to the original multispectral reference.




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