Save time and costs, but increase quality? With caddon, that's no contradiction.

Especially in the manufacturing industry, cost reduction is a recurring theme. We help you to economise, while improving the course of the production chain.

An example from the automotive industry: The more expensive and more valuable a product, the more critical it is to have the correct colour. The wooden interior of a car should be just as inspiring in bright sunlight as under artificial light in a tunnel. And more importantly: It has to fit exactly with the pattern and colour of the leather-upholstered seats. Easier said than done. color:communication for the first time allows the true-to-colour, reliable and reproducible creation of digital designs — regardless of shape or material.

Optimally adapted to the production processes

Until now, so-called limiting sample books with various sample types of a wood have been used for ultra-fine colour adaptations of this type. They serve as a guide and assist manufacturers in quality assurance. This can take a while: Because the samples have to be sent back and forth between the manufacturer and supplier until the correct result has been attained.
With the caddon multi-spectral colour measurement technology, the colour and structure of different materials can be accurately recorded and incorporated into all production processes thanks to true-to-colour digital sample. If an object is sampled, all involved parties in the production chain can access the digital reference and communicate and check the colours reliably and in a timely manner.
It is also ensured for a significantly later point in time that a released reference sample is not subject to changes, and thus can be used permanently as a valid reference.

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